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I joined Rotary because I liked the idea of working for the betterment of the community both locally and internationally. Rotary has given me far more.  I have achieved things I could never have imagined and made friends across the globe.’

MADU BISHNU – Past President; Club Service Chair

My favourite travel destination is Japan. In many respects the Japanese people are similar to Indians. I felt the connection, the instant bonding during my three visits. Hospitality is the very best’

GABRIEL HAU – Past President; Membership officer; Peace Chair

I love visiting Japan. I first went there in 2001 and I have been back there many times since. The people in Japan are very polite, the food is fantastic, everything is clean, it is very safe. Customer service is awesome and no one rips you off!


My favourite travel destination

As a primary school student I was fascinated by stories about Central Australia. After my first few trips into the Red Centre as a teenager I accepted that the heat, dust and flies were simply a part of the history and culture of this part of the country. My favourite area is the Simpson Desert – from the Madigan Line and the Rig Road to the north and south, and the Oodnadatta and Birdsville Tracks to the west and east.

What do I like most about this amazing area? The vastness of the country and the splendid isolation – you can actually hear the silence and see the curvature of the earth. The people who are invariably friendly, genuinely interested, and often disturbingly frank. Resilience has a different meaning in this part of the world. And the planning involved to safely and comfortably enjoy some of the most remote country on the planet – without having to resort to the PLB. 

But Melbourne is still home.

RICHARD SELWAY – Club Program Officer

I joined Rotary because I would like to make a difference to those less fortunate than ourselves. I also believe that a single individual may not be able to make significant change. However, many individuals each making a small improvement can change the world. Let there be peace on Earth!


In my time off I like to cook! I love cooking and being in the kitchen. I find it hugely relaxing and while cooking I can think and plan for other things I am involved in both within Rotary and other spaces. I often cook for other people or just experiment and I bake, cook and try out new recipes, or make up my own recipes in my free time, then I give the food away!! My neighbour is a single mum with two young boys and they are happy to be my taste testers and enjoy my creations!.  I also cook for people who are unwell or have just come out of hospital and are unable to cook for themselves. I do love to create in the kitchen!


Community Service Chair; Public Relations

I joined Rotary because I wanted to find out how my skills and experience could serve the community beyond emergencies. Also, I had an abundance of free time up my sleeves, and this seemed like a great way to change that!

SAXON MITCHELL – President Elect; Foundation Service Chair

I joined Rotary because I wanted to ‘give back’ through an organisation that is organised to “do good“ on a massive global scale and also local community level. To be able to join a group of like-minded people that can organise resources to be there when people need them

My favourite travel destination is Noosa and surrounds.The beautiful scenery, the amazingly calm and blue Laguna Bay and the great restaurants with fresh seafood dishes overlooking the water. A place where I can relax fully and enjoy sunshine, sand and sangria!

KAITLIN MASKEL – Past President; Youth Service Chair

‘The best concert I ever went to was Powderfinger because it was their farewell tour and I’d been a fan of them even before I moved to Australia.’ 

PETER LAMPING – Honorary member



Bulletin; website

My favourite travel destination is Egypt. I travelled there in 2001 and was completely besotted with the beauty and history. The fact that my dad was born there made it all the more special.

CAROLINE ORD – Past President; Protective services officer

My favourite travel destination is…
home, well my parents’ place on the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand.  Getting there is a bit of a challenge from Melbourne but typically involves the 11.35pm red-eye to Auckland which arrives at 5.25am. By the time I set off from the airport in my rental car, dawn is just breaking.  The 2.5 hour drive through the vista of rolling green pastures, cows, sheep, magpies and quaint sleeping towns listening to the distinctive Kiwi accents on the local radio with the growing excitement of soon being able to see my parents, cat and dog after many months apart, is the best feeling in the world.


My favourite travel destination is Dublin. I like the sense of history found around almost every corner. I also like the accessibility of the city’s cultural life. It isn’t an elite thing. Everyday working people will show up at the live dramas, the museums, and the art galleries, not just the “usual suspects”.


In my spare time I like working on my orphanage project, reading business and biography books and trading in the US stock market.’